If You're Trying to Keep Your
Construction Business Profitable...

Discover How You Can...

"Get all the work you can handle, even in a recession."

(From crawlspace contractor to marketing master. Read about how you can go out and capture more construction work below.)

Hi, I'm Seth Holdren. And you don't have to take it from me....

You can finally drum up enough work for your business and....
  • Stop wondering and worrying about sitting idle with no new construction jobs coming in.
  • Stop worrying about the market and how homeowners are skittish right now...
"...With the stock market on a roller coaster ride, and
the housing market practically grinding to a halt..."
  • Stop worrying about looking your spouse in the eye one more time when you come home early...having to explain whether you landed another job or not....

No Doubt About it...

It's very difficult for most construction businesses to "luck into" enough new clients to keep the pipeline full these days, right?

But What Can You
Do About It?

How about you?

Are you struggling to find enough work to keep your construction business going?

You are not alone. This economic downturn has torn the construction industry to shreds.

It's Rough Out There

Who is struggling right now? Everyone.
  • New home builders
  • Remodelers
  • Commercial contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Handyman companies....
  • Suppliers
  • Vendors
  • Realtors
  • And don't forget Homeowners!

Everyone is struggling!

All businesses relevant to the construction industry have been slammed hard. And that effect has trickled down to all other trades such as plumbers, electricians, excavation companies, etc.

It can seem like there just isn't any work out there at all.

Recession, or Dead Stop?

You might be asking yourself....

"But is there any construction work

out there right now? In reality?"

Of course there is. Has the entire economy stopped operating? No. Slowed? Yes.

Naturally, there is not nearly as much work out there as there used to be back during the “fat and happy” times.

But there is real construction work out there - right now - and it's yours for the taking if you see the opportunity.

(I've seen it first hand. In fact, I can hear someone banging nails on my back-door neighbor's house right now as I'm writing this.)

Which construction companies snatch up the only available opportunities and projects nowadays?

How to Find Work Fast

The Best Marketers Get All the Work

I believe it's the best marketers who are getting all the work right now.
  • The business owners who excel at beating the bushes and drumming up work.
  • The "Rainmakers."
  • The ones who really know how to go out there, kill it, and drag it home.
They get all the work nowadays. In simple terms, it's the contractors who have chosen to improve their marketing skills who are thriving.

How good are you at marketing your business?

Most contractors are dismally ineffective marketers.

That is too bad, for the industry as a whole.

But for your individual business, it could be a huge opportunity.

Improve Your Marketing to Win

Most likely, if you improved your marketing skills by only a measley 15% to 25%, you would be miles ahead of most other contractors in your local market. You could totally dominate your competiton.

The Solution?


The Marketing Manual for Contractors in Today's Information Age

The Construction Marketing
"One-Stop Shop"

The Marketing Manual for Contractors
In Today's Information Age
is available for instant
download below.

In this Marketing Manual for Contractors, I have worked hard to provide you with all the resources you need to help you boost your marketing prowess and succeed in a tough market.

These resources are all compiled neatly and concisely in this content-packed 50 page Marketing Manual for Contractors in Today's Information Age.

You can instantly download this manual and get your hands on these tools right away!

It doesn't take long to learn effective construction marketing strategies. You just have to take action now.

What Do You Get?

Within seconds of instantly downloading this marketing manual, you'll see how there's a way to spend your time not "worrying," but productively marketing your business so you can...
  • Land more projects...
  • Fill your pipeline with work...
  • Make your business profitable again.
Once you get your hands on the tools, information and resources in this marketing manual, you can do what you need to do so you can finally relax, stop worrying, and start building your business.

Once you have your hands on this manual, you'll have information and tips you can really use...today...to start to get more clients, bring in a more consistent job flow, and even MAKE MORE MONEY!

  • Imagine if you increased your marketing prowess and really grew your business like you want to...instead of just playing catch-up and putting out fires all day.
  • Imagine having the free time to spend working ON your business instead of IN it.
  • Imagine maybe even having the wealth and free time so you can spend it with your family and on your passions and recreation.

Do you believe it's possible, when there's not as much construction work out there, that the good marketers are the ones who get the work that IS out there?

Get good at marketing, or being a rainmaker, or learn how to "Go Out, Kill It, and Drag It Home." That's MARKETING.

Marketing is the most important thing you can be good at to take your business to where you want to go.

Get the Marketing Manual for Contractors in Today's Information Age, and get started building your future, on purpose, so you can relax.

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“Follow the techniques in this Marketing Manual, and your business could really take off. If you use them for a few weeks, you could see results fast. Use them for a few months and you may see your referral rate skyrocket.” -Seth Holdren

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I'm Seth Holdren.

Here are my credentials:

  • I own DragItHome.com, a marketing resource site for contractors.
  • I publish the Construction Marketing Blog (.com)
  • I build online marketing campaigns for contractors and other businesses.
  • You will find me on page one of Google for the highly sought-after keywords "Construction Marketing."
  • I wrote the Marketing Manual for Contractors in Today's Information Age (and a few other reports, manuals, and books.)
  • I have created and distributed many construction marketing videos, podcasts, audios, articles, and websites.
  • I come from a long, strong, diverse background in the construction industry.
  • I am a Marketing Samurai. Just ask me, I'll tell you. ;)
  • Construction Industry Experience: I have done marketing consulting, outside sales, I've run my own business, I've done production management, project management, estimating, I've ordered, sold, and hauled building materials - too much, not enough, and just the right amount - I've been a foreman, a superintendent, I've pounded sinkers and coolers, trimmed upscale homes, I've "managed client expectations," burped insulation dust, successfully negotiated with hostile attorneys, dealt with water damage, won over seasoned construction pros twice my age and made them cry with sentimental respect for my management ability, I've created procedures, laid block, written contracts, walked top plates, written successful direct mail campaigns, poured foundations, swung from peaks, shimmied through crawlspaces, slung beams, smashed thumbs, managed crews, hired and fired, dug ditches, eaten dirt, and breathed the fresh air on many a jobsite.
  • I know the office.
  • I know the field.
  • And I know how to make the phone ring off the hook with new business.
That's why I'm here today. Because I can help a contractor who is in trouble. Start improving your marketing today.

Not convinced? Read more about my story....

After 12 years of experience in and around the construction industry, it was time for the rubber to hit the road for me.

Little did I know, it wouldn't turn out the way I planned.

I had soaked in everything I could learn on the job and in the office of the awesome builders I worked for over the years. I cut my teeth as a production manager, a project manager, an estimator, a salesman, a foreman, a framer, a trim guy, and a close advisor to the business owners I worked with.

I absorbed high octane, high protein techniques for closing contracts with homeowners.

They turned me loose researching cutting edge green building techniques and winning energy efficient products and systems. One boss told me, “Seth, you're perfect for this.” But things would not stay that way....

Also, I spent years mired in study in the basement of the Gallager Business Building at the University of Montana School of Business. I studied entrepreneurship, marketing, management, operations, sales, and river float trips (oops...that was only on the weekends).

Anyway, I had one single vision: to...

"master as many entrepreneurial skills as possible"

...before I made the leap to start my own business as a contractor.

I learned a ton of great stuff. And I thought I was ready. And in some respects, I WAS ready. But not completely. Here's what happened.

I failed.

Yeah, I completely bombed.

Well, not completely. Because I found my calling. You are probably really great at something. Most people are. I found mine. Wanna know what it is?

You see, I didn't fail completely. Because, before I failed, I cracked the code. I learned to do one thing extremely well.

I discovered I could make the phone ring off the hook with new business.

Is your phone ringing off the hook right now?

The only problem I had? I was not prepared to get the work done. I had to say no to most of it, because I just didn't have the funding, the equipment, the expertise, or even the desire to do it all.

But now I've learned to channel it. And you can too.

What does this mean to you? Well, it could just be a fun little story. Or you could take the tools I've developed and collected, and you could make your phone ring.

You could “make it rain.” (Not like Pacman Jones, more like Jeffrey J. Fox. He wrote a book called “How to Become a Rainmaker”. Oh, nevermind.)

So, I'm guessing YOU are good at building.

Me? That's not my strongest skill anymore.

I am good at marketing. Are you?

Need a guide? I can help you.

Here's the good news:

There is plenty of work out there for you, if you know how to...

Go out, kill it, and drag it home.

Let's do a quick little check up on your skills as a business owner. OK, so, where do you stand?

You know how to build.

You know how to run your business.

You know how to lead your team.

You are a master marketer - you have all the work you need.

Did you hear the big buzzer sound?

If you are like many builders and contractors, you know how to do a few key things extremely well. But you may not focus your energies on marketing and sales.

Two simple words. Marketing & Sales. The correct strategy in those two areas can make all the difference. Read on to see how you can easily learn the right strategies to use in today's business environment...

With this manual you can learn...

  • How to set up an automatic lead generation system that can bring you leads 24 hrs a day, even while you sleep.

  • The secret marketing structure used by “internet marketers” you can use to increase your response exponentially.

  • How to use psychological influence strategies to trigger people to buy from you.

  • “Underground” marketing techniques you can use to sell your services without coming off as a snake oil salesman.

  • Ways you can connect with prospects so they will instantly like you and trust you to do their project. (Remember, people buy from people they like. Do you want to just leave that to chance?)

  • The ultimate marketing machine - How to make sure every single time contact is made with a prospect, your chances of turning them into paying customers is as high as possible.

  • What newspaper and yellow page account reps don't tell you when they sell you ad space.

  • The most overlooked way to market your construction business which can lead to great increases in profits without having to go “beat the bushes.”


The secrets and high powered techniques in this manual were compiled over 12 years of intense study of contractors, builders, and businessmen from the South, to the Pacific Northwest to the Midwest. Included are strategies from over 57 state-of-the-art business books, references and resources. Inside the manual is a wealth of resources compiled from dozens of seminars, meetings and strategy sessions with contractors.

That's right. If you order this manual, you will get all the knowledge and techniques I've accumulated over the years on the topic of marketing and sales. I use these techniques now, for my own consulting business. I also use them to help other contractors achieve success.

These are my hard won secrets, my labor of love. This is a compilation of all my nuggets and powerful targeted marketing strategies all in one easy to read manual.

These marketing strategies can lead you to success.

And that is why I am offering this manual on how to jump-start your marketing and sales efforts. If you use the information in this manual, it will pay off in your business.

Not for everyone.

If you don't like to read, this isn't for you. If you aren't willing to put in some effort to achieve powerful results, this manual is not your answer. But if you take a little time to understand these strategies, and you take action on them as soon as possible, your business will grow even in market conditions that aren't ideal.

These are the techniques I use in my consulting practice.

If you improve your marketing and sales efforts effectively, even by as little as 10%, you can rise above the fray and get all the work you need, even in a recession.

"Think about the cost of doing nothing."

How much money out of your pocket do you lose every month when your business is not full to capacity with work?

Are you losing $2,000? $3,000? $5,000? More?

It is always an option to just sit and wait for the "fat and happy" times to come back.

Or, you can take the bull by the horns.

The truth is most business owners don't take action. That's all you need to do. Act.

This highly concentrated 50 page manual - if you take immediate action on the steps laid out inside - can jump start your business. Even during slow times.

In fact, especially during slow times.

Get results that make you smirk.

Order it and you'll see first hand how you can become an expert marketer.

Want to get your hands on these marketing tools now?

Order today for only $79.99


Get your copy now and get started.

PS. I'm not doing this offer over the phone or by mail, and you cannot get anything like this at the bookstore. You must order online right here on this page in order to get the discount.

PPS. As much as I can control it, I am screening for action oriented people. I only want go-getters to have this knowledge. It is wasted on those who won't take action. I can't help everyone, there simply isn't enough time. Take advantage of this offer and get started now.

PPPS. FREE Bonus: If you order now, immediately after you download your report you will have an opportunity to receive a free bonus report on Power Positioning.

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“Follow the techniques in the 'Marketing Manual, and your business could really take off. If you use them for a few weeks, you could see results fast. Use them for a few months and you may see your referral rate skyrocket.” -Seth Holdren

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